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The Moon Daughter by Zoe Ghahremani.
Fiction, 384 pages. Paperback.
ISBN # 978-0984571635
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"Like a picture slowly developing in the darkroom, the injustice around me became clearer with time. Forbidden thoughts grew and multiplied in my head. How many others had disappeared before her, and who would be next?"  --Excerpt from Sky of Red Poppies

Sky of Red Poppies, the debut novel by our featured author Zoe Ghahremani, begins with an unusual friendship between two young women coming of age in a politically divided 1960’s Iran under rule of the Shah. As the story unfolds, the history and culture of their homeland takes on a life of its own.

The Moon Daughter, the second novel by Zohreh Ghahremani, is a family saga, exploring the universal dynamics of mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, and the struggles that define us. For more from Zohreh, visit: themoondaughter.com

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